Reading List

While by no means complete, the lists that follow offer the interested Ricardian a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books about King Richard III and the Wars of the Roses.  These books do not necessarily support the Society’s views, nor do we maintain that these authors are without their own personal bias or that their research is infallible.  The discerning reader will weigh the evidence and form their own opinions!

Please contact the Corresponding Secretary if you would like to recommend other works to be added to our list.


Ashdown-Hill, John Eleanor, The Secret Queen:  The Woman Who Put Richard III on the Throne (2009)
Richard III’s ‘Beloved Cousyn’: John Howard and the House of York(2009)
The Last Days of Richard III  (2010)  UPDATED 2013
Bennett, Michael The Battle of Bosworth
Boardman, A.W. Towton: The Bloodiest Battle (2009)
Buck, Sir George The History of King Richard III
Carson, Annette Richard III, The Maligned King (2008)
~ Highly recommended; scholarly and readable.
Cheetham, Anthony The Life and Times of Richard III (1972) ~ Lavishly illustrated
Cox, Helen The Battle of Wakefield Revisited: A Fresh Perspective on Richard of York’s Final Battle, December 1460 (2010)
Cunningham, Sean Richard III: A Royal Enigma
~ Illustrations of major Yorkist and Tudor documents, with interpretations
Dockray, Keith Richard III: A Sourcebook (1997)
~ Excerpts from important primary and secondary sources
Drewett, R. & Redhead, M. The Trial of Richard III
Edwards, Rhoda The Itinerary of King Richard III 1483 – 85 (1983)
Fields, Bertram Royal Blood(1998)
Gillingham, John Richard III: A Medieval Kingship (1993)
Goodman, Anthony The Wars of the Roses
Halstead, Caroline A. Richard III (1844)
Hammond, P.W. (ed.) Richard III Loyalty, Lordship and Law(1986)
Hammond, P.W., and Sutton, A.F. Richard III: The Road to Bosworth Field (1985)
Hancock, Peter A. Richard III and the Murder in the Tower (2009)
Hicks, Michael Richard III
Hipshon, David Richard III and the Death of Chivalry (2009)
Horrox, Rosemary Richard III: A Study in Service (1989)
Jenkins, Elizabeth The Princes in the Tower(1978)
Jones, Michael K. Bosworth 1485: Psychology of a Battle (2002)
Kendall, Paul Murray Richard the Third (1955)
~ A definitive biography of Richard III. Sympathetic and highly readable.
Lamb, V.B. The Betrayal of Richard III
Langley, Philippa and
Jones, Michael K.
The King’s Grave (2013)
~ The story of how King Richard was found under a car park in Leicester.
Markham, Sir Clements R. Richard III: His Life & Character Reviewed in the Light of Recent Research (1906, 1968)
More, Thomas The History of King Richard III
~ Unfinished by More, loaded with hearsay, the gospel according to some traditionalist historians. Read it in its original English, courtesy of Renascence Editions
Murph, Roxane C. Richard III: The Making of a Legend (1978)
Okerlund, Dr. Arlene Naylor Elizabeth of York (2009)
Pollard, A.J. Richard III and the Princes in the Tower(1991) ~ Lavishly illustrated
Potter, Jeremy
(Late former Chairman of the Society)
Good King Richard?(1983)
Ross, Charles Derek Richard III(1981)
~ Another definitive biography, impartial and not so sympathetic.
Santiuste, David Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses (2010)
St Aubyn, Giles The Year of Three Kings, 1483
Virgoe, Roger Private Life in the Fifteenth Century – Illustrated Letters of the Paston Family
Walpole, Horace Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of King Richard III (1768)
Weir, Alison The Princes in the Tower(1992)
~ Vehemently anti-Ricardian, the scholarship is highly suspect.
Wilkinson, Josephine Richard: The Young King to Be (2009)
Williamson, Audrey The Mystery of the Princes: An Investigation into a Supposed Murder (1978)
Wroe, Ann The Perfect Prince: The Mystery of Perkin Warbeck and his Quest for the Throne of England


Anand, Valerie Crown of Roses
Carleton, Patrick Under the Hog
Edwards, Rhoda The Broken Sword also known as Some Touch of Pity
Fortune’s Wheel
Farrington, Robert The Killing of Richard the Third
The Traitors of Bosworth
Hocking, Mary He Who Plays the King
Jarman, Rosemary Hawley We Speak No Treason
MacLachlan, Donald The Adventure of the Bloody Tower (2013)
Martyn, Isolde The Maiden and the Unicorn
Palmer, Marian The White Boar
Peters, Elizabeth The Murders of Richard III
Penman, Sharon Kay The Sunne in Splendour
Potter, Jeremy
(Late former Chairman of the Society)
A Trail of Blood
Rabinowitz, Ann Knight on Horseback
Sedley, Kate Roger the Chapman
Smith, Anne Easter A Rose for the Crown
Daughter of York
The King’s Grace
This Son of York
Szechtman, Joan This Time (2009)
Loyalty Binds Me (2011)
Tannahill, Reay The Seventh Son
Tey, Josephine The Daughter of Time
~ The book that launched a thousand Ricardians
Townsend, Guy M. To Prove a Villain
Whitford, Meredith Treason
Worth, Sandra The Rose of York series:
Love and War
Crown of Destiny
Fall from Grace