Ricardian Back Issues

From the Sales Officer

Prior to 2003, the Ricardian journal was published 4 times per year and mailed out with The Bulletin. Most issues included research papers, book reviews, research notes and queries and other Society news pertinent to the time. As the titles don’t always explain the subject of the articles, please contact me for a brief synopsis of any particular issue.

All issues are singles, unless otherwise indicated. Most copies are in very good condition, but a few have small stains or dirt on the covers. This is all we have, so please don’t request an issue that isn’t listed.

Priced at $5 (Cdn) per issue, includes postage and packaging if sent within Canada. Please inquire as to the cost for shipment elsewhere. Funds raised will support Ricardian causes.




December 1977 Vol. IV, No. 59 (1 copy)

Beggerly Bretons and Faynte-Harted Frenchmen by Lorraine AttreedWilliam Norris by Kenneth Hillier

Mediaeval Liturgical and Pious Books by Mary O’Regan

Richard III’s :Tytylle & Right” Follow up

Coats of Arms by Lawrence T. Greensmith



March 1981 Vol. V., No. 72 (8 copies)

The Middle Brother: “False, Fleeting, Perjur’d Clarence” by Michael A. HicksSir John Fastolf’s Place, Southwark: The Home of the Duke of York’s Family 1460 by Martha Carlin

Sheriff Hutton: The Great Debate by Pauline Routh and Richard Knowles


June 1981 Vol. V, No. 73 (11 copies)

The Mowbray Inheritance by Anne CrawfordRui de Sousa’s Embassy and the Fate of Richard, Duke of York by Barrie Williams

Sheriff Hutton: Further Debate by P.W. Hammond and W. E. Hampton

Clarence Still Perjur’d by Isolde Wigram

The Second Anonymous Continuation of the Croyland Chronicle by Eric J. Thompson

Croyland at Bosworth by O.D. Harris


September 1981 Vol. V, No. 74 (8 copies)

The Richard III Society Seminar at Trinity College Oxford by Lorraine C. AttreedNorth, South and Richard III by A.J. Pollard

Medieval Children and Mortality: From Pearl Maiden to Princes in the Tower by Lorraine C. Attreed

Cheshire and the March: Richard III to Henry VIII by Muriel Smith

Clarence’s Calumniator Corrected by Michael A. Hicks


December 1981 Vol. V, No. 75 (5 copies)

The Nevills of Brancepeth and Raby 1425-1499. Part I 1425 – 1469 Nevill v Nevill by James Petre 
March 1984 Vol. VI, No. 84 (4 copies)

The Civil War of 1459 to 1461 in the Welsh Marches. 1. The Rout of Ludford Bridge 12-13 October 1459 by Geoffrey HodgesSir Edward Brampton: The Portuguese Years by Barrie Williams

Sir Ralph Bigod: A Loyal Servant to King Richard III by Retha M.. Marnicke


September 1984 Vol. VI, No. 86 (4 copies)

The Coronet of Margaret of York by P.W. HammondRichard III and Pontefract by Barrie Williams

The Origins of Penrith Castle by J. Petre

Penrith Castle and Richard Duke of Gloucester by Mark Craster-Chambers

John Hertyngton, Supplier of Saddlery to Richard III by Anne F. Sutton


December 1984 Vol. VI, No. 87 (4 copies)

Richard III and Ireland by Gwen WatersThe Funeral of Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury by P.W. Hammond

Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury: The Burghfield Effigy by Pauline Routh

Further Comment: The Coronation of Richard III; The Extant Documents

March 1985 Vol.VII, No.88 (1 copy)
John Hoton of Hunwick and Tudhoe by W.E. HamptonThe Mystery of John de la Pole by Barrie Williams
Review Article: The Trial of Richard III (Television Programme and Book) by Rowena Archer
September 1986 Vol. VII, No. 94 (3 copies)

The Foreign Policy of Edward IV, 1475-1483 and the Anglo-Breton Marriage Alliance of 1481 by Brian D. WilliamsThe Title of the King: Aspects of Richard III’s Act of Succession by Kenneth R. Shepherd

Richard III’s Books: 1 The Booke of Gostlye Grace of Mechtild of Hackeborn by Anne F. Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs

Report: The Sheriff Hutton Monument to Edward, Prince of Wales, 1484-5


June 1987 Vol. VII, No. 97 (1 copy)

Sir George Buck and Princess Elizabeth’s Letter: A Problem in Detection by Alison HanhamA Question of Loyalty by I. Arthurson

The White Rose Under the First Tudors, Part I by W. E. Hamptopnn

Richard III’s Books: II A Collection of Romances and Old Testament Stories: 4. Palamon and Arcite and Griselda by Geoffrey Chaucer 5. The Collection and its Purpose by Anne F. Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs


December 1988 Vol. VIII, No. 103 (2 copies)

John Caster, King’s Skinner within the Great Wardrobe (Died 1484) by Timberlake SmithRichard III’s Books: VII. Guido Delle Colonne’s Historia Destructionis Troiae. VIII Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae with The Prophecy of the Eagle and Commentary by Anne F. Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs
Review Article: Experience and Experiment: The 1986 Harlaxton Symposium by Margaret Condon
June 1989 Vol. VIII, No. 105 (1 copy)
The Remains of Mary of Burgundy by Joyce M. MelhuishRichard III’s Books: VIII. Geoffrey of Monmouth’s The ‘Historia Regum Britanniae’ with ‘The Prophecy of the Eagle’ and Commentary by Anne F. Sutton and Livia Visser-Fuchs


June 1991 Vol. IX, No. 113 (1 copy)

An Amended Itinerary to Bosworth Field by Arnold J. JamesMary Shelley’s Perkin Warbeck by Natalie Jane Prior