Ricardian Pub Quiz Answers

  1. Rouen, France
  2. Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire
  3. Edward, Earl of March claims the throne as Edward IV
  4. 1460
  5. 1464
  6. Her father’s manor of Grafton Regis
  7. Edward of Lancaster, Prince of Wales, son of King Henry VI
  8. Nicolas von Poppelau, Silesian visitor to Richard’s court (May 1484)
  9. Wakefield
  10. Barnet
  11. Stoney Stratford
  12. York Minister
  13. Salisbury
  14. Middleham Castle
  15. Milford Haven, Wales
  16. Leicester
  17. Fotheringhay Church
  18. Sir James Tyrell
  19. Pontefract Castle
  20. Elizabeth Lambert, aka “Jane Shore”
  21. Isobel
  22. Sutton Cheney – The Church of St. James
  23. Eleanor Talbot, Lady Butler
  24. John of Gloucester and Katherine Plantagenet
  25. Francis Lovell, 1st Viscount Lovell
  26. Bow Bridge (source: Michael Bennett, The Battle of Bosworth)
  27. Lord Richard Fitzhugh, nephew to Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (the Kingmaker), cousin to King Henry VI, brother-in-law to Francis Lovell and a past supporter of Richard III (source as above)
  28. William Brandon (source as above)
  29. Hastings – King Edward – Gloucester (source: P.W. Hammond, The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury)
  30. Dublin, Ireland (source: P.M. Kendall, Richard the Third)
  31. The successful recapture of the King’s castles at Carmarthen and Cardigan in South Wales from Welsh rebels at the age of 17 in 1469 (source: Kendall, as above)
  32. The Rose of Raby
  33. The trial of William Colyngbourne for treason. He wrote “The Cat, the Rat…” (P.M. Kendall)
  34. He became Warden of the Royal Forests beyond the Trent (Kendall)
  35. Twelve (12)
    1. 1439 Anne
    2. 1441 Henry (died in infancy)
    3. 1442 Edward
    4. 1442-52 3 sons (died young)
    5. 1443 Edmund
    6. 1444 Elizabeth
    7. 1446 Margaret
    8. 1449 George
    9. 1452 Richard
    10. 1455 Ursula (Charles Ross: Edward IV)
  36. Thomas of Woodstock (son of Edward III). Used by Harry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, trying to show his royal descent at Richard’s coronation.
  37. Edward IV., described by Mancini.
  38. Jeanne, second daughter of Louis XI (Ross: Edward IV)
  39. The ceremony was held at Fotheringhay, at the family church, dedicated to All Hallows (All Saints)
  40. Ankarette Twynho. (Ross: Edward IV)
  41. A former servant of Cecily Neville, and the author of “The Cat, the Rat…” he had been sending messages to Tudor (Cheetham)
  42. He had just turned 17 – 17 October 1469 (Ross: Edward IV)
  43. The physician to Edward V and his younger brother Richard.
  44. At the battle of Mortimer’s Cross, Edward IV was outnumbered by the Lancastrians, and a meterological phenonmenon known now as “parhelion” occurred. This caused “three” suns to appear over the field and Edward decided this was a sign from Heaven, which bolstered his morale.
  45. The Battle of Stoke, 1487

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