Ricardian Pub Quiz

  1. Where was Edward Plantagenet, later King Edward IV, born?
  2. Where was Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III, born?
  3. Why is the battle of Mortimer’s Cross on February 3, 1461, significant?
  4. What year does Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, die?
  5. In what year did Edward marry the widow Elizabeth Woodville?
  6. Where did this marriage take place?
  7. Which heir to the English throne died at the Battle of Tewkesbury?
  8. Who was three fingers shorter than Richard III?
  9. In which tower at the Tower of London did Henry VI “die of melancholy”?
  10. Which War of the Roses battle, was Richard Duke of Gloucester’s, first?
  11. Where did Richard and the Duke of Buckinghom arrest Anthony, Earl Rivers?
  12. Where was Edward of Middleham invested as Prince of Wales?
  13. What town hosted the execution of Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham?
  14. Where did Edward of Middleham die?
  15. Where did Henry Tudor land in 1485?
  16. Where was the muster point for Richard’s army in 1485?
  17. Where were Richard Duke of York and Edmund Earl of Rutland eventually buried?
  18. Who confessed to the murder of the Princes in the Tower?
  19. Where were Anthony Earl Rivers, Lord Richard Grey, and Thomas Vaughan executed?
  20. Who was, at varying times, the mistress of Edward IV, William Hastings and Thomas Grey, Marquis of Dorset?
  21. What was the name of Anne Neville’s older sister, the Duchess of Clarence?
  22. In what town is the church were Richard reputedly heard a mass before the battle on August 22nd, 1485?
  23. What was the name, mentioned in Titulus Regius, of the woman that Edward IV had married before Elizabeth Woodville?
  24. Name Richard’s two acknowledged bastard children
  25. Who survived the Battle of Bosworth to live to fight another day at the Battle of Stoke?
  26. What was the name of the bridge in Leicester over which Richard III rode to battle but returned in defeat?
  27. Who received the stewardship of Middleham, Richmond and Barnard Castles from Henry VII after Bosworth?
  28. What was the name of the standard bearer slain by Richard in the assault in Henry Tudor’s position at Bosworth?
  29. What “line up” successfully routed the Lancastrian armies at both Barnet and Tewkesbury?
  30. Where was George, Duke of Clarence, born?
  31. What was Richard of Gloucester’s first independent military command?
  32. What was the nickname of Cecily Neville?
  33. Why were the Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, the Earls of Nottingham and Surrey, Vicounts Lovell and Lisle, Lord Stanley, and others assembled on 29 November 1484?
  34. In 1472 Richard surrendered the post of Great Chamberlain of England to Clarence. What did he get in return?
  35. How many children were born to Richard, Duke of York and Cecily Neville?
  36. Whose badge was the cartwheel, and who used it rightfully?
  37. Who is being described?
  38. “In food and drink he was most immoderate: it was his habit, so I have learned, to take an emetic for the delight of gorging his stomach once more”.
  39. One of the proposals made between Warwick and Louis XI of France as they hammered out an Anglo-French alliance in the spring of 1467 was the marriage of Richard of Gloucester and whom?
  40. Richard was created Duke of Gloucester on All Saints’ Day 1461. Why was this significant date chosen?
  41. What was the name of the former servant of the Duchess of Clarence who was arrested and executed by the Duke of Clarence on suspicion of poisoning his wife?
  42. Who was William Colyngbourne?
  43. At what age was Richard, Duke of Gloucester, appointed Constable of England for life?
  44. Who was Dr. John Argentine?
  45. Why did Edward IV use the “sunne in splendour” as his personal badge?
  46. Where did the last battle of The Wars of the Roses take place?

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