Ricardian Links

Ricardian Links

Want to know more? Try out these links to sites of Ricardian interest!

The Richard III Society

The Society in the United Kingdom

The Richard III Society American Branch

New England Chapter

The Society in the United States


The Richard III Society, New South Wales Branch

The Richard III Society, Victoria (Australia) Branch

The Richard III Society, South Australian Branch

The Richard III Society, Western Australia Branch

Branches of the Society in Australia


The Richard III Society, New Zealand Branch

The Society in New Zealand


The Richard III Society, Gloucester Branch

The Richard III Society,Leicestershire Branch

The Richard III Society, Lincolnshire Branch

The Richard III Society, Greater Manchester Branch

The Richard III Society, Mid Anglia Group

The Richard III Society, North Mercia Branch

The Richard III Society, North Staffordshire Group

The Richard III Society, Worcestershire Branch

The Richard III Society, Yorkshire Branch

Branches and Groups of the Society in the UK


Looking for Richard

From the team who launched the search for King Richard III in Leicester

Richard III and Leicester Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral’s website about Richard III and the city of Leicester


John Ashdown-Hill

Historian Dr. John Ashdown-Hill’s body of work, featuring King Richard III


Bosworth Battlefield

The place where it all ended — and a favourite pilgrimage for Ricardians

Tewkesbury Battlefield Society  

Edward IV’s conclusive battle in the Wars of the Roses

Towton Battlefield Society

The bloodiest battle of the Wars of the Roses

Virtual Tour of Towton Battlefield   

Laura and Roy Blanchard offer a pictorial tour of the battlefield at Towton, for those of us who have to do our travelling vicariously!

 Barley Hall – York  

A restored medieval townhouse resurrected in the center of modern York.
Once the home of Alderman William Snawsell, during the period of King Richard III’s reign

Richard III and DNA

John Ashdown-Hill successfully traced descendants of the House of York to Canada.
Read about his fascinating research on his website.

The Wars of the Roses

A very comprehensive site on the Wars of the Roses,
with a summary of all the battles and the major players

Richard III Experience

Richard III Experience at Monk Bar in York.

The College of Arms  

The College of Arms was incorporated in 1484 by King Richard III.
This website offers the history of heraldry and the granting of arms.

Ricardian Paintings  

Graham Turner has painted some fascinating portraits of King Richard, capturing the spirit of the man and the age.

De Re Militari

  The De Re Militari, the Society for Medieval Military History, is a professional non-profit association established to foster and develop interest in the study of pre-modern military affairs. 

Heather Dale

While not quite in our historical period, the Society has a special friend in Heather Dale,
an acclaimed interpreter of the Arthurian legends. We hope you will enjoy her ethereal music as much as we do!

Hurly Burly

Hurly Burly is a medieval and renaissance ensemble and choir,
who performed to great acclaim at our Conference in October 2004, and again in September 2012.

Lost in Castles

Lost in Castles has produced a collection of DVDs on Ricardian castles, including Middleham and Sandal.
If you are a castle “fan”, there is lots of other interesting facts and photos of castles to enjoy here.